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Creative Services

Billboard Advertising Creative ServicesVCO offers creative services with graphic artist who specialize in outdoor creative as outdoor creative proportions differ widely from most other graphic art. The art should be BIG, BOLD and ATTENTION GETTING with few words as the average read time is near six (6) seconds. We will be pleased to work with your graphic artist/marketing dept. or are prepared to hook you up with a graphic designer that will deliver a good graphics package for your billboards. The cost will be reasonable. You will be working directly with them, but we will be there to direct the program and move it forward. The time allotted for the vinyl process is 30 days max… 21 days average. Upon approval of any contract the billing will begin 30 days future. So we will want to proceed forthwith in addressing your art.


VisCom Outdoor will be pleased to discuss your property as a billboard site. We will also be interested in representing your interests in billboard site acquisition or purchase of a long term lease utilizing your property as a billboard location. It has become very challenging to obtain billboards sites and permits… but is still doable. We’d be pleased to discuss the potential on your property as a billboard location with you and advise you accordingly.

Design Services






Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

The benefits of outdoor are many.

  1. They reinforce all other mediums of advertising making your advertising dollar go much further on all levels. Billboards create familiarity; therefore, when looking for a name or an industry favorite billboards create name awareness which translates into sales.
  2. Major, Major name recognition created
  3. 24/7 coverage
  4. Create a very High Profile
  5. 1/10 the cost or less of most other advertising mediums on a per impression basis.
  6. Market specific locations or mobile representation… can engage a market quickly on intensely in a very short time frame.
  7. Quick exposure
  8. Seasonal exposure
  9. Multiple locations available that can be tailored to your market.
  10. Name recognition
  11. Name recognition
  12. Name recognition
  13. Name recognition and location recognition when required, is just huge when outdoor is properly utilized. VisCom Outdoor provides you excellent service with a broad understanding of the mechanics of obtaining good boards, evaluating all boards and board programs, and acquiring boards at a very aggressive pricing structure than easily pays for our services when we represent you on acquisition, or evaluation.